A New Life In The Sun

We were contacted in 2016 and asked if we would be part of a Channel 4 television programme called "A New Life In The Sun"

The film crew spent the summer of 2016 following us around and documenting our journey. The renovation of our house, the first harvest and much more. With so much more to do they returned in 2017 to continue filming and follwed us renovating the old farm house into gites and the continued improvements to the vineyard and our harvest. Meet Rob, Steve and Branston at Clos Vieux Rochers and see where they have been and what they have been doing as they build their "New Life In The Sun" ​..... Available on UK catch-up on Channel 4 or on Netflix under the title of "The Great Escapers".

We hope to be returning not too distant furture.

Find out more at Channel 4